EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Police are searching for a suspect in a deadly hit and run over the weekend. Investigators said 21-year-old Dylan Birdwell, intentionally, ran over a man early Saturday morning on Florence St.

Police said a fight broke out among several people including Birdwell and 39-year-old, Patrick Adams. Police say Adam left but then came back as Birdwell was leaving in his car.

Detectives say Adams threw something at a vehicle being driven by Birdwell’s family member. That’s when officers said Birdwell swerved into Adams hitting him. Adams died from his injuries.

Monday, a family friend of the Adams’ family is speaking out asking for the public’s help.

“I mean they’re coping as best as to be expected. You know, they’re devastated by the loss. It’s terrible. No one should die the way that Pat died,” said Christa Thomas.

Close family friend, Christa Thomas, is speaking on behalf of the family, a family looking for answers and help in locating the suspect.

Evansville Police said they have enough evidence to charge 21-year-old Dylan Birdwell with voluntary manslaughter and hit & run causing death. There is a warrant for his arrest.

“He saw the victim again and went after him in his car so I think it was kind of a heat of the passion type of thing I don’t think it’s premeditated earlier in the night or anything like that. I think the suspect saw the victim and saw an opportunity and went after him unfortunately,” said Sgt. Anna Gray of EPD.

“He’s a son, and he’s a brother, and he’s an uncle and he’s a dad. And the person responsible for this needs to be caught immediately and he needs to pay for what he did,” said Thomas.

She said the family is grateful for Evansville Police and detectives and remain in close contact with them.

“If you have any information about the case or about Dylan, please call the Evansville Police Department. There’s too many lives being taken away senselessly, and it puts a different perspective on it when it hits this close to home,” said Thomas.