EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)– Hundreds of people cheered and welcomed veterans home last night at the Evansville Regional Airport. For one father and son duo, it was their first trip to Washington D.C. Arnold Grant and his son Jason had never seen the war memorials until the Honor Flight.

“He was just so excited to fund out I had actually applied for him to be on this flight,” Jason says.

Arnold Grant is 80 years old and served in the Air Force in Vietnam. He says that seeing the Vietnam Memorial brought tears to his eyes. For Jason, spending the day with his dad made it even more special.

“It was heart warming to see. And, the wall, to see there are 400,000 people buried in the Arlington Cemetery. And seeing all the graves, it was an experience.

Frank Hendricks served in the Navy in Vietnam. He also went on the flight and boarded the flight with his son.

“I got to see where they repaired the Pentagon when the flight crashed into it. We saw the Air Force Memorial, and it was overall a great trip.

The flight left early Saturday morning and veterans returned around 9:15 for a welcome home parade. Veterans were announced one by one and thanked for their service. Army veteran James Mahaney and his friend, James Kohl, who served in the Marines during the Korean War says cheering during this year’s parade brings back memories.

“When they met us, you know, all of the people it was an honor. They honor you. When I reached Washington or here, the way we were treated, it was great. I do not think they could have done anything better,” they said.

Jason Grant says that they are already planning to go back next summer and says that these memories will last a lifetime.

”These memories will be cherished for sure,” he says.