HOPKINS COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) — Hopkins County School students’ first day of school will be pushed back once again.

Hopkins County Schools’ superintendent, Amy Smith, says the district had to make the decision to adopt a variable calendar.

“This was not an easy decision for our board members, but with the information we have been given and the continued delays by A&K Construction and the pattern we’ve seen with them not meeting deadlines, we did not have a choice.”

With the adopted variable calendar, the school will begin on August 30th instead of the 15th. The 15th itself was a rescheduled date from the 9th.

The decision comes as the new Hanson elementary school building delays have affected the whole district’s start date.

The Kentucky Department of Education requires all students in a district to start on the same calendar date, but no changes have been made to the district’s fall, winter, and spring breaks.

Superintendent Smith says she wants the school building to be presentable for upcoming events, including an open house.

 “We want that building to be clean, fresh, and be something that our community is very proud of because they deserve this. And we’re excited about that day coming soon where we can welcome our students into that building and be proud of what we see.”

The school officials say they have been monitoring the school’s progress with the A&K construction contractors.

“We have regular progress-monitor meetings, and, so, when we have those meetings, those delays are shared and our expectations are shared as well we’ve been over a year delay. It’s not like we’re a few months. This building was supposed to be ready last year before we started school.”

The superintendent also says the demolition of the old school building had to take place to finish the site work.