House Panel Approves Bill Funding Internet Crimes Against Children Investigations

Kentucky lawmakers are considering a bill to help investigators better protect children from predators.

It’s called “Alicia’s Law”, and it would help fund a statewide task force aimed to protect those children. A house panel approved the bill Tuesday.
There are many dangers online, but not enough resources to catch them all.

“There’s not always the funding and the resources to track down the internet predators and bring them to justice,” says Trooper Stu Recke of the Kentucky State Police.

Lawmakers are debating “Alicia’s Law”, a bill that would add a $10 court fee to criminal cases to fund the Internet Crimes Against Children task force, which nearly 30 agencies across the commonwealth participate in.

“Anything that would help law enforcement, whether it would be on the state, local, or federal level that would go after these predators would be greatly appreciated and can be used,” Recke says.

The bill’s named after Alicia Kozakiewicz, a Pennsylvania woman who was abducted more than 10 years ago after meeting someone online when she was a teenager, and later rescued from a Virginia home. Recke says if the bill passes, it can also help fund educational efforts about internet dangers.

“The internet can be a resource for us, but it can also be dangerous, and just educate not just the parents, but what to look for and what to watch for, and to make sure they know what their children are doing,” he says.

Similar laws are already in place in other states, including Virginia, where the bill’s namesake was found by authorities.

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