Housing Blitz of 1992 Makes History in Evansville

In many events throughout life, there are moments that truly stand out that define a “before” and an “after.”
The record-setting housing blitz of 1992 was that moment.
Before the event, Habitat for Humanity of Evansville wasn’t well know. After the event, most knew the organization as a powerful force for good in the community.

        “Atlanta had built 20 and that’s when at our meeting at the breakfast we had at the Petoreum Club, somebody said, ‘Well if Atlanta can build 20, Evansville can build 21,” said Jim Perigo with Habitat for Humanity.
Jim Perigo says the motivation was always there, but enthusiasm really started to pick-up steam when a relatively new reporter started writing stories about the blitz.
That reporter was Shelley Kirk.

        “She worked on a home herself and she wrote about it,” said Perigo, “and that really got the spirit going in Evansville.”
        “It was a great assignment to have it was so much fun,” said Shelley Kirk, “But I learned a lot too just about news and how to tell a story because there were so may stories to be told.”
Shelley found herself in the midst of organized chaos. She says one morning, when finding a place to park was nearly impossible, she had to walk for blocks just to get the build sites.
With each step, she could feel the energy going on in the area.

        “You could hear the hammers hammering and the buzz saws going and people working,” said Shelley,” It was just a buzz!”
Shelley calls the housing blitz a unique event that brought people together from the desire of doing good.
When 21 families received new homes, it was no longer just an assignment; it was one of life’s big moments.

        “What a phenomenal story to be a part of, you know,” Shelley says, “To be able to have done that on a professional level but on a personal level it has had a profound impact on me knowing that there is so much good out there in our community.”

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