How coronavirus might affect your day to day


(WEHT)- As of 6 pm Monday night there have been no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the Tri-State. But the coronavirus might still be affecting your everyday life.

Some businesses are trying to minimize how often those germs are passed from person to person.

Gyms, grocery stores, and even travel. Right now, no matter where you turn it seems there’s someone, everywhere talking about the coronavirus.

So how has the virus changed your everyday life? We asked you on Facebook.

Some people are saying the virus isn’t affecting them at all. Others are saying their futures are being effected referring to the impact on the stock market.

For other people like the employees at the American Red Cross in Evansville, they have to check more boxes than normal before they let a donor on their table.

“We are just being overly cautious. We’re doing that ourselves and so we’re asking to per postpone the donation for 28 days,” Theo Boots, the Executive Director for the Red Cross of Southwestern Indiana says.

That’s if the donor has been to a country affected by the virus like China, Iran, and Italy.

As for those getting ready to travel like our very own Joe Bird. Concerns about bringing something home are rising.

“It’s become a little concerning that something might happen where I’ll have to be quarantined on the ship for two weeks at a port or whatever,” Joe Bird says.

The cruise line he is traveling has already sent out on what travelers should expect before they board.

“Several weeks ago when all this COVID-19 stuff started to be more widespread across the world, they did send an email saying that any staff or any crew member on the ship that has been in China 15 days prior to the cruise would not be allowed on the ship,” he continues.

But as the number of cases goes up, shelves are becoming bare if products like hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Places like Schnucks and Target say they’re trying to keep up with the demand.

Statements from Target, Costco, and a letter sent to Bob Gym members can be found here.

Target corporate response to our request for information:

As it relates to a response from Target regarding the impact of the coronavirus for your story, please refer to statements our CEO Brian Cornell made last week during our earnings call, for use in coverage. I’ve copied below for easy use. 

Brian’s Remarks

We’re monitoring the situation hour-by-hour as conditions evolve.

At Target, we’ve been prioritizing our team, starting by ensuring that all of our China-based team members have been able to work from home.

 More broadly, we spent considerable time focused on the best ways to support our team members all around the world to make sure they stay healthy and safe.

 On the business front, we’ve been contingency planning for weeks with our vendors and our team members – both here in the states and overseas. 

As you know, we have a highly sophisticated sourcing and supply chain organization.

And, like Michael said, we’re tracking this by category and by factory, even at the PO level, to ensure we are on top of it and able to plan accordingly.

 We feel confident in our plans to manage through this situation.

 And most importantly, I want to thank our teams members around the world for all that they’re doing to take care of our guests.

Brian’s Response to a Question About Guest Purchases This Week

 Over the last few days, as obviously everyone’s been reporting, we’ve certainly seen a U.S. consumer that’s starting to stock up on household essentials, disinfectants, food and beverage items – all those staple items that the CDC has recommended guest add to their pantry.

 And certainly we’ve seen aggressive shopping across the country in our stores. So, we’re working closely with our domestic vendors, with our partners to make sure that we’re elevating inventory in preparation for what we think is going to be a continued demand for stock-up items.

  We’re seeing that across our network, expect it to continue over the next few weeks and we’ll watch it carefully over time.

Target Corporate statement

Costco corporate response to our request for information:

As you can imagine, Costco has been receiving a large number of requests similar to yours.

Costco is not staffed to respond individually to all these questions. As always, our focus is to have merchandise available for our members at low warehouse prices.

We appreciate your interest and support of Costco Wholesale.

Costco statement

Letter to Bob’s Gym members

Letter to Bob’s Gym members

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(This story was originally published on March 9, 2020)

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