(WEHT) – DoorDash announced they are adding a new technology to keep their delivery workers safe while on-shift.

Safe Dash is a check-in system which employees (Dashers) can use if they feel unsafe. The app works by first connecting the Dasher to an ADT agent if they need help when they tap the blue SafeDash button shaped like a shield. ADT is a top-notch security company with over 146 years of experience in keeping people safe.

The agent will stay on the phone with the delivery worker and send 911 services if necessary.

There is also an option for 24/7 Emergency assistance at the bottom of the screen by swiping the second button. This option allows ADT to contact the police on the behalf of the Dasher to send 911 services to their location.

The last part of this new feature is the check-in. If a Dasher is taking longer than expected on a delivery, ADT agents can call to check in with the Dasher to make sure everything is ok.

SafeDash will launch first in New York City and Washington D.C. before being rolled out to other cities. More information can be found here.