How Local Shops are Preparing for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is often times associated with flowers and chocolate but what does it take for local businesses to distribute all the roses and heart shaped boxes?

February 14 is a day to show the people around you how much they mean to you.

“Their moods are great and I love being apart of that,” said Mike Libs from Mike Libs and the Chocolate Factory.

But like most chocolate shops, for Mike Libs and the Chocolate Factory, Valentine’s Day is the biggest day of the year. It was a very busy day in the kitchen Monday.

“Not only are they in a great mood because they are in a chocolate store but also because they are buying something for a loved one,” said Libs.

Preparing endless chocolate covered strawberries and pecan flip overs is the perfect way for chocolatiers to celebrate and that means a lot of chocolate.

“4,000 pounds of chocolate and we are down to about 300,” said Libs.

That’s a lot of candy at this Green River Road business.

Across town on Fulton Avenue, Zeidler’s florists are putting together Valentine’s Day arrangements that will soon be making someones day.

“I mean we have hundreds and hundreds of deliveries for tomorrow,” said Zeidler’s Flowers and Gifts General Manager Diana Maddox.

That translates into roses, daisies, and carnations showing up on door steps, in offices and schools.

“There is a lot behind the scenes that we do before the day gets here, said  Zeidler’s Flowers and Gifts Debbie Clark.

That means a lot of extra clipping and arranging for the ladies working at Zeidler’s flowers and gifts.

“Valentine’s Day is maybe not just for lovers and husbands and wives and couples,” said Clark.

It can be celebrated by anyone with any flower, and of course, chocolate-covered strawberries.

“I got some chocolate-covered strawberries for my husband. He’s never had them so I hope it’s a treat for him,” said Darlene Price.  “We’ve been together 21 years.”

And that means 21 Valentine’s Days spent together.

So whether you’re making the chocolate or eating it, preparing the flowers or receiving them, it’s a day to show a certain someone you care.

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