How to deal with deer on the road


“Yeah I think everybody out there that’s been driving any time at all has had a couple close calls,” Dave’s Body Shop owner Dave Gorman said.

There’s a good chance you’re seeing more deer out on the road this time of year.

“First of all it’s deer season. The farmers are in the fields, and it’s mating season,” Indiana State Trooper Sergeant Todd Ringle said. “Just in the month of October, in Indiana, over 1,900 deer have been struck.”

Dave’s Body Shop currently has two cars whose drivers struck deer. Gorman says the repairs aren’t cheap.

“Average price, anywhere, depending on make and model, is about 10,000 dollars.”

Ringle gave some advice on how to minimize damage. First: Don’t swerve.

“Unfortunately, when a person tries to avoid hitting the animal, and they’re driving at highway speeds, they’re gonna lose control of the vehicle.”

The safest option may not be the most appealing.

“You know, the best thing to do is to strike the deer. You know, no one likes to strike and kill an animal, whether it’s a cat, dog, raccoon or even a deer. The best thing to do is to strike that animal,” Ringle said.

Other tips:

-Deer are most active in the morning and at night.

-When you see deer crossing signs, slow down.

-Brake if you can, but be mindful of the traffic around you.

-And an injured deer is a dangerous animal, so don’t approach it.

 “They may kick, and I’m here to tell you, a deer that kicks has a lot of force, and they kick you in the wrong place, it can cause serious injury,” Ringle said.

(This story was originally published on November 8, 2017.)

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