(WEHT) – Tuesday night into Wednesday morning is expected to dip to less than ten degrees with wind chills near zero. When the temperatures reach single digits, we want to do everything possible to stay warm. When it comes to vehicles, many of us have been told not to let our cars sit with a near empty gas tank. This is not only to protect it from further damage, but also in case you get stranded and need to keep the car running with the heat on.

“It makes sense at this time to have a few things in the car,” said Jason Eich, of Dartt Automotive. “A set of jumper cables, either for yourself or so that you can help a neighbor. An extra coat, I always make sure I have a good pair of warm gloves and a toboggan in the car with me, cause you just don’t know if you’ve got to get out of the car, either for yourself or for somebody else and you don’t want it to be 9 degrees and be figuring out you wished you’d grabbed your jacket.”

Eich said battery efficiency goes down as temperatures decrease, so old and corroded batteries are a warning that may lead to your car not starting. He said there are a number of things you should do to prep your car for the frigid temperatures, including checking your antifreeze levels and your tire pressure. He said to keep your wiper blades pointed up overnight to prevent them freezing to the windshield and do not attempt to use them to scrape off frost as they may become damaged.

“Well you certainly don’t want to be on the streets tonight if at all possible and fortunately there are shelters available for the homeless,” said Wayne Hart, Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist. “Cause when you get temperatures down around 10, it’s really difficult to deal with unless you have a lot of warm clothing and you’re protected from the wind.”

And those shelters are prepared for nights like this.

“We’ve been lucky this year to be able to have white flag every night consistently through the end of February,” said Krista Board, of United Caring Services. “So for them it’s some stability that they know that they don’t have to worry about do we have an option for them to come in and get out of the cold tonight.”

From a frigid night to a bone chilling morning, the wind chills will make the commute to school a bitter one.

“Of course it’s always recommended in weather like this to wear multiple layers – gloves, hats, covering that head. To make sure you’re dressed very warmly, because when temperatures are cold, we don’t want children getting too cold on their way to school or while they’re waiting for the bus stop.”

Hopkins county schools in Kentucky announced on Twitter that their bus drivers would be making extra runs to pick up walkers along the route to school.