HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – With vehicle thefts on the rise, the Henderson Police Department is telling people to pay extra attention to the security of what they drive with the new “Lock it or Lose it” campaign.

Officials say most of these thefts have occurred at night, all throughout Henderson, and usually to vehicles that were left unlocked.

“Looking at the numbers, there has also been a high number of ‘car prowls’ that have appeared to have resulted in the theft of firearms. We want the community to be aware of this, so that they can limit their chances of becoming a victim,” says Chief Sean McKinney.

Everything of value – firearms, cash, electronics, jewelry – and even the vehicle itself are susceptible to theft if precautions aren’t taken.

“It’s frightening to know that someone was here this close to my house – in my driveway – and I am very cautious now making sure my doors are locked,” says Lucy Davis, who had money and personal items stolen from her van.

According to HPD, the past three years have seen nearly 200 reported thefts from vehicles, resulting in roughly 20 firearms a year being stolen.

“It’s very random, and I can’t stress (this) enough: The high, high majority of vehicles that are stolen from are unlocked, sometimes unfortunately with the keys in them,” says Chief McKinney.

Eyewitness News spoke with a neighbor off camera who also says he’s had multiple issues with people breaking into his truck and trespassing in the dead of night – enough for him to install cameras throughout his property.

“Our neighbors – we look out for each other and I just don’t think you can be too careful anymore,” adds Davis.

Chief McKinney says the simplest way to protect yourself is to remember to lock your doors, and have a routine for checking to ensure its security.