HUNTINGBURG, Ind. (WEHT) – A hidden gem in Dubois County is growing in popularity: the Huntingburg Opry Hall. What started in downtown Huntingburg is now bigger than before after returning from a Covid pandemic hiatus.

“People kept calling and wanting the opry show,” says country music artist David Wayne. “And we did a test run at the Gaslight and it packed the place.”

Wayne, a Huntingburg native, has led the opry charge, which benefits the not for profit Huntingburg Event Center, as well as local charities such as Shared Abundance. Past acts include Tim Atwood, Johnny Carver, and Johnny Cash’s brother Tommy, along with a comedy twist with characters such as Buddy’s Holly and Spatsy Cline.

“Some of the people who are, you know, have needs, Shared Abundance for example, is able to give to the community. It feels good to be a part of something like that,” explains Angi Robins, who plays Spatsy Cline.

Curt Petry, who claims the role of Buddy’s Holly, says, “The biggest thing that I get out of this while I’m performing is seeing the audience, how they’re reacting to what we’re doing.”

“They love it,” adds Gayle Parks, who plays Minnie Pearl. “It gets them out. A lot of the ladies I talk to say they never go out and do anything.”

With the opry’s recent success, Wayne says former Grand Ole Opry performers are now beginning to reach out in hopes of playing for the Huntingburg crowd.

“The individuals that started out with the opry go back and say, ‘They’ve got something going on up in Huntingburg, Indiana, and you ought to reach out to them’. And I think that’s what’s happening,” explains Petry.

Wayne is no stranger to the music scene himself. His new single, ‘I Never Heard it Like That’, is approaching the top 40 on the country indie music charts. He is applying that same work ethic to bring quality entertainment to his own community.

“We throw a little comedy in there,” says Wayne, “So you get some good laughs and you get to hear that old steel guitar.”

Tickets for the October 14 show, featuring singer Barbara Fairchild, start at $20 in advance. The price increases to $25 when doors open at 6pm Eastern time. Tickets can be purchased here.