SEBREE, Ky. (WEHT) – Firefighters in Webster County were called to the scene of a house fire in the early hours of Friday morning. The first firefighters to get there and begin putting out the the blaze? Chief Brian Reynolds and Chief Medical Officer Jennifer Reynolds of Poole Community Fire and Rescue. The married first responders worked the scene for nearly 30 minutes before back up arrived.

“When we pulled up, the house was fully engulfed. The whole front section of the house on the a side had collapsed. The car that was beside it was also fully engulfed in flames. Of course, when you see 2 o’clock in the morning, and there’s a vehicle outside, you assume the worst,” says Chief Brian Reynolds.

As Eyewitness News was speaking to Chief Reynolds, word was received that the person living in the house was okay.

“Alright, so that’s good news!,” Chief Reynolds exclaimed.

When the call came in in the early morning hours on Friday, the couple says they wasted no time getting out of bed and getting to the scene as fast as they could.

“I heard the call on the radio, and I was like ‘hey!’- I woke him up – ‘we have a fire!’ I jumped into some clothes, ran down to the station….The gear was already in the truck, so we jumped in the truck. He was driving, I put my gear on when we were driving down here. As soon as we stopped, he started the water and I jumped out, grabbed a line, and started fighting,” said Jennifer Reynolds.

The house was a total loss as crews needed more than 1,500 gallons of water to put out the flames. Thankful that there were no injuries, the couple says they think working together in a high stress job like this has made them closer.

“When you go to trainings together, when you go to meetings together, it’s more time you get to spend together instead of a part. I really think that does help in a lot of relationships,” says Chief Reynolds.

Chief Reynolds says his department is working with KSP to determine the cause of the fire in the ongoing investigation.