Your kids might be enjoying their days off, but warmer weather is near.
As they head back to school, are the roads in local neighborhoods clear enough for school buses to get through?
With nearly one hundred buses, Henderson County Schools take a lot of safety precautions during icy and snowy weather.
“These roads are a lot better than they were yesterday,” said bus driver Aaron Walker about roads on Wednesday.
Henderson County Schools is doing everything possible to get kids back in class.
“We started every bus, we moved every bus, we grated that whole lot,” said Walker.
“We just want to make a decision that is safe for everyone,” said Henderson County Schools spokesperson Megan Mortis.
But there’s not much school crews can do about ice and snow built up on roads.
“We have been closed since last Friday. Monday was a holiday, and Tuesday and today,” said Mortis.
Unless a decision is made the night before, crews are up as early as 4 a.m. checking on the roads.
“They’re out early, they assess the road, the talk with other agencies, monitor the forecast, talk with other school districts,” said Mortis.
“What’s underneath it is ice and that is a problem. These buses can go and they’re heavy enough and set up enough. They do a good job getting around but it’s like anything else all it takes is that quick to get off,” said Walker.
From main, side and county roads, school crews survey it all, “Sidewalks for students that walk, look at our parking areas, our bus lanes,” said Mortis.
And once the roads are safe, their drivers are ready to get going.
“They have adequate training and safety to start their bus early to get it warmed up,” said Mortis.
HCS has announced schools will be closed January 18.
(This article was originally published January 17, 2018)