Bill that would allow Illinois stores to only sell pets from an animal control facility or shelter moves forward


SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WCI) For years, animal advocates have criticized big retail stores that use questionable breeding practices and store puppies in less-than-adequate facilities to churn out profits.

Supporters of a new bill in Illinois hope to put an end to puppy mills. Puppy mills are dog breeding facilities that practice fast breeding under poor conditions.

The bill bans puppy sales at corporate pet stores. Instead, stores would only be allowed to sell pets from an animal control facility or animal shelter.

“These would be pup – these would be puppy breeders that buy, that breed commercially bred dogs for only profits. So, this would be, you know, why our cage bottom stacking cages where dogs your urinate on each other,” said Illinois State Rep. Andrew Chesney, “This would be, you know, seven, eight week old puppies that are just bred as many times and as fast as possible, and they’re generally out of state so the state of Illinois can’t regulate them.”

Business groups fought hard to kill this bill, but it cleared the house and now heads to the senate.

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