SPRINGFIELD., Ill. (WEHT) – The Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has reminded people to test, inspect for expired alarms, and replace batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as they move their clocks an hour ahead this weekend.

“It’s simple, working smoke alarms save lives! Replacing broken or expired smoke alarms will provide an early warning and help prevent loss of life due to fire,” said Illinois State Fire Marshal Matt Perez. “Construction materials used in today’s homes are made from more synthetic materials which means they burn hotter and faster, while also producing toxic smoke. This means people typically have less than 3 minutes to escape their homes, which makes the early warning that smoke alarms provide even more vital.”

Some tips that were shared by the state of Illinois were as follows:

  • The time change serves as a bi-annual reminder to test all smoke and CO alarms in the home.
  • If anyone finds an alarm that is not working or is expired, replace the alarm immediately with a new 10-year sealed battery alarm, if living in Illinois.
  • Review fire-escape plans with family and hold a drill to practice the plan.