HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) released their annual internet crime report showing the number of complaints and estimated losses from cyber crimes in 2022.

According to data in the report, 800,944 complaints were received by the IC3 last year, which represents a 5% drop in the number of complaints from the previous year. Despite a decrease in the number of complaints, they also reported an estimated loss of over $10.3 billion, which was a 49% increase from 2021’s total.

Illinois had the fifth highest number of reported victims in 2022 at 14,786 and the seventh highest amount of loss reported at $266.7 million. Indiana had the 15th highest number of victims reported last year with 11,682 and the 28th highest in losses with over $73.6 million. And in Kentucky, 4,256 victims reported complaints to the IC3, putting it in 30th place, and residents lost an estimated $57 million, the 31st highest in the nation.

Despite the increase in losses over the last year, the IC3 Recovery Asset Team reported a 73% success rate with over $433.3 million in funds frozen in response to complaints.

To read a more detailed breakdown of crimes reported, including more specific age demographics impacted, read the IC3’s full report here.