ILLINOIS (WEHT) – Illinois may cover the cost of glucose monitors through health insurance.

The Governor’s Office says Governor JB Pritzker signed legislation into law requiring insurance and managed health plans provide coverage for continuous glucose monitors. The press release says that continuous glucose monitors are essential devices for patients with both Type I and Type II diabetes to maintain safe blood sugar levels and prevent the need for emergency medical care. The bill was signed at a children’s hospital that is also an endocrine center that treats diabetic patients.

“One of the first doors I knocked on when I first ran for this role was answered by a 20 year old with type 1 diabetes,” said State Rep. Suzanne Ness (D-Crystal Lake). “His number one priority was the cost of healthcare as this was going to affect him his whole life. While IL has capped the cost of insulin, it is only right that we include and make more affordable, life changing devices that improve a person’s quality of life. SB2969 does just that.”

The Governor’s Office says continuous glucose monitors track blood sugar throughout the day, allowing up-to-the-minute data for patients to use when assessing diet or the need for insulin. Although diabetes is a manageable disease, the tools to monitor and control the disease are essential for that management to be successful. Failure to treat elevated or decreased blood sugar levels can result in serious illness for patients, often requiring expensive emergency care and hospitalization.

The press release says diabetes disproportionately affects minority and low-income communities, further exacerbating the equity gap caused by high-cost monitoring devices. This legislation ensures the most at-risk Illinoisans cannot be denied coverage that could prevent further medical complications.

“The signing of SB 2969 is another example of Illinois leading the fight for those in our communities who need it the most,” said State Rep. Kambium Buckner (D-Chicago). “Glucose monitors provide users with important information about their blood sugar levels and can literally be the difference between life and death. Removing barriers like this brings us closer to our goal of complete healthcare equity that serves all of the people of Illinois.”