ILLINOIS (WEHT) – The dolostone is now the official rock of Illinois.

“Students developed and drove this legislation,” said State Senator Laura Ellman (D-Bloomingdale). “It was not only a fantastic learning experience for them, but an opportunity to show others of any age that they have power in Springfield. I encourage Illinoisans to learn more about Dolostone.”

The press release says House Bill 4261 started out as an initiative led by a group of elementary and middle school students. Illinois says after the students found out that Illinois did not have a state rock, they made a ballot and had students across the state vote for a rock, which turned out to be dolostone. Dolostone, a form of limestone, forms most of Illinois’s bedrock, establishing a foundation for the state’s other natural terrain, says the press release.

“With today’s bill signing, we’re not only establishing an official state rock with a long history of economic and geological significance to Illinois, we’re building the foundation for a new generation of lifelong learners who are civically engaged and ready to contribute to their communities,” said State Representative Yang Rohr, (D-Naperville).