Illinois teachers to help stop spread of false news in high schools


SPRINGFIELD, Ill – Illinois could soon recruit high school teachers to combat the spread of news that isn’t true.

The Illinois House has approved a plan to require schools to teach high school students how to think critically, and spot false news before spreading it. 

“It’s really trying to get our students to really see in these times of technology and so much information out there sorted out what’s real news or the truth from what’s what’s, what’s false,” said State Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez (D-District 24).

MIT researchers found false news stories can spread six to ten-times faster on social media than accurate information.

Media literacy groups recommend always reading beyond the headline, checking the date and author’s name. They also suggest looking for supporting information or articles that include a variety of perspectives. And check to make sure outlets clearly label and separate opinion or commentary from news.

(This story was originally published on April 21, 2021)

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