ILLINOIS (WEHT) – Sheriffs from 73 counties in Illinois have said they will not enforce the newly enacted House Bill 5471, which bans the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines as well as requires Illinois residents who already own those types of guns to register them with state police.

On Wednesday, sheriffs across the state, released statements saying they would not enforce the laws in their own counties. Sheriffs from Edwards, Wayne, Wabash and White counties were among those sheriffs who said they would not actively check that gun owners have registered with the state or jail residents charged with non-compliance of the bill.

A map of all counties where sheriffs have said they will not be enforcing the law can be found below:

As of Thursday afternoon, no statements have been released from sheriffs saying they will fully enforce the bill, however sheriffs from Kane and Mercer counties have released statements saying they will charge individuals who illegally possess firearms, but will not be investigating gun owners for failure to register with the state.