CARMI, Ill. (WEHT) — Monday, September 18 marked the beginning of no cash bond throughout Illinois, and Eyewitness News spoke with White County State’s Attorney Denton Aud about the law’s effect on Illinois.

“It’s going to make it far more difficult to detain, pre-trial individuals who have committed extremely serious offenses that have left their victims in the wake of their criminal activity,” Aud said. “And, also, prevent any sort of secure measures as far as making sure they actually return to court.”

Cash bond was originally implemented as a way to encourage people accused of crimes to show up for their court appearances, but it not longer remains an option in Illinois under the “Pretrial Fairness Act.”

Aud says the new system will likely mean people accused of crimes will spend more time in custody while waiting for their court date.

He says defendants in White County facing low-level charges almost always posted bond.

Supporters of eliminating cash bond say it punishes poor defenfants, but Aud says two-thirds of people facing felony charges posted bond.

Aud says even after people in his county posted bond, defendants still failed to show up to their court appearances “all the time”

“Now it’s going to be pretty much the same except that warrant when it comes out, it’s going to be no cash — no bond — so there’s no way of them to secure their release on an FTA warrant at that point in time,” Aud said. “Instead, they’ll have to be arrested, and they’ll have to sit in jail until a judge is available to advise them on the FTA warrant.”
Aud opposes the new no cash bail system, and he predicts it will have unintended consequences.

“I think we’ll certainly see an increase in crime,” Aud said. “We’ll definitely see an increase in individuals not appearing in court, but at the same time law enforcement around here is very good. We will do our very best to act in the system.”

Eyewitness News also contacted Wabash County State’s Attorney Kelli Storckman, but she was not interested in commenting.