IMPD warning: Thieves steal 10 cars that drivers were warming


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department issued a warning Friday after a rash of vehicle thefts in the morning.

Many of those thefts happened as people warmed up their cars. Ten vehicles stolen Friday morning,and half of them were recovered. 

Some of the victims left their cars running with their keys in the ignition and their doors unlocked.

Kimberly Schrum, one of the victims, said she did not have a spare key and left the keys inside her running car. 

“It’s just cold outside and it’s better on your vehicle if you can let it warm up before you take off in it,” Schrum said. 

The car was stolen right from her driveway. 

“I checked on it a couple of times, went to get my scarf and put my dogs up and went out and it was gone,” she said. 

She called police and her car dealer. The dealership tracked down the car about 3.5 miles away using a GPS tracker. 

I’m glad that it’s OK,” Schrum said.

In the future, Schrum said, she will not leave her car unattended when it’s running and she wants to purchase an automatic car starter. 

“Because we don’t want this to happen again,” Schrum said. 

At Elite Auto Image on the city’s west side, car starters cost around $250 for the cheapest model. That price includes installation. 

Watch the video to see options and suggestions from Elite Auto Image.

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