Indiana Crowned Meth Capital of United States

- Law enforcement has a mixed reaction to the numbers because Indiana seized more meth labs than any other state. Which means meth suppression tactics are working, but it could also mean the amount of meth labs are growing.
Here are the top five states for meth lab busts in 2013. Illinois with 673, Ohio with 1,010, Missouri, which held the crown last year, with 1,496, Tennessee with 1,616, and Indiana with the most meth lab busts in 2013 at 1,808.
Indiana State Police says the meth problem is growing across the state. "Last year was the first year that we had a meth lab seized in every county except one," said Sgt. Niki Crawford with ISP Meth Suppression. The jewel in the meth crown, the county with the most meth lab busts is Vanderburgh County with 115 last year. "What that shows is the law enforcement efforts in Indiana particularly in Vanderburgh County and Evansville is ramped up. We've identified this is a problem in our community for over a decade now and as the years have gone by we have done more and more to address that problem," said Sgt. Jason Cullum of the Evansville Police Department.

Law enforcement officers say there are several ways to counter the meth problem and it will take all hand on deck to overcome the widespread addiction. "It's not always taking people the jail. That's the easy part. The difficult part is getting buy-in from the community," Sgt. Crawford.
In recent years state legislation has passed bills curbing the amount of the meth making drug pseudoephedrine can be purchased. Law enforcement is asking for tighter restrictions, but ultimately it's up to the voters. "If the citizens aren't communicating to their legislators what they want for their communities then the legislators don't know what their constituents want," said Sgt. Crawford. In the 2014 Indiana General Assembly several bills were introduced to further restrict the sale of pseudoephedrine, however none of them made it to the Governor Pence's desk.

If you find a meth lab call 911 immediately. This enables an immediate response to a very dangerous situation. If you want to report suspicious activity in reference to methamphetamine production please call the Evansville Police Department Methamphetamine Suppression Unit at 812-436-7918

Here is a link to the ISP Meth Suppression page

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