Indiana Excise Police Won’t Raid CBD Sellers

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Some call it life saving medicine… A naturally derived compound from cannabis plants. Not marijuana; rather hemp broken down into a liquid known simply as CBD oil.

There has been a debate in the Hoosier State about the legality of the substance.

It can’t get you high like its cannabis cousin Marijuana. But it can, in some instances, change the very fabric a person’s life.

We recently profiled Adele’s Naturally, an Evansville business selling CBD Oil.

Store mangers at Adele’s, on Lincoln Avenue, told us they can barely keep the stuff on shelves as demand is at an all time high.

However, other stores in Indiana have had their CBD products fly off store shelves… Seized at the hands of Indiana State Excise Police, the Law enforcement arm of the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.

The products were returned after review of Indiana’s new medical cannabis law. Which, in part, made selling CBD oil products legal in the state, as long as those products contained no more than 0.3% THC levels. Which is not potent enough to give a person the psychoactive high found in Marijuana. 

That law primarily dealt with giving CBD oil to children ailed by epilepsy considered untreatable with modern medicine.

In response to our questions about the legality of CDB Oil in Indiana… State Excise Police gave us this statement:  

“After a review of the situation, the Indiana State Excise Police will not confiscate CBD oil products from stores unless the products clearly violate Indiana law. We will continue monitoring this issue and remain prepared to take enforcement action whenever appropriate.”-Indiana State Excise Police.

For the moment, it appears the burgeoning CBD oil business is clear of law enforcement raids, IF state law if followed to the letter.

A debate surely to continue with hemp seemingly changing lives in the Tri-State and beyond.

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