Indiana House passes bill to lift light rail ban in Indianapolis



The Indiana House of Representatives on Tuesday passed legislation to enable Indianapolis and central Indiana to pursue a light rail project in the future. House Bill 1365 would repeal a 2014 ban on the building of light rail as a part of transit planning in central Indiana. The measure passed 89-5 and advanced to the Senate for further action.

Democrat State Rep. Justin Moed of Indianapolis issued this statement Tuesday:

“This restores the ability of city leaders and residents to choose what form of mass transit is best suited for their community As our region continues to attract attention from national and even international businesses, we must have the flexibility to meet this growing demand. 

“House Bill 1365 ensures our city can remain competitive and evolve to the changing needs of our residents and businesses alike. I appreciate the bipartisan support from my House colleagues to give back this important economic development tool to the people of Indianapolis.”


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Could light rail roll on into Indiana one day?

Some state lawmakers have given the idea the green light. A bill is moving along, pushed out of committee Wednesday.

It’s the second year Democrat State Rep. Justin Moed has tried to lift a ban on light rail in central Indiana. His bill derailed last year when it didn’t get a Senate vote. 

His bill would erase the prohibition that prevents central Indiana counties from purchasing, leasing, acquiring, constructing or operating a light rail project. Moed said he thinks his bill has a real chance this year.

“I think they said they’re committed to trying to move this forward. To try to regain the authority here in Indianapolis to have light rail if they choose to,” Moed, a lawmaker from Indianapolis, said. “I thought that was a strong message that even though the Senate chose not to move it forward last year, that the House said again this year, it’s a priority for us. We’re hopeful the Senate will hear the message this time.” 

The bill is expected to in front of lawmakers for a vote next week. 

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