HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Taxes are one thing in life that is a certainty and property taxes are no different.

If you own a house, the term property taxes are certainly going to come up at one point. However, where you live can determine how much in those property taxes you have to pay.

To help get an idea of how much one has to pay, CNBC compiled data from a Tax Foundation analysis from the last five years dating from 2017 to 2021, the most recent data available, and determined Indiana’s average total every year over that span has some of the lowest property taxes in the nation at eighth lowest at $1,308.

Kentucky was ranked only one spot higher with the ninth lowest bill at $1,320.

Illinois was ranked on the other end of the list in the Tri-State with the sixth highest bill at $4,744.

According to the list, Alabama had the lowest bill at $646 while New Jersey had the highest by a wide margin with a bill of $8,797.

The study states New Jersey’s super high bill is a combined factor of the highest effective property tax rate in the U.S. while having some of the highest home costs in the country.

Data excluded property taxes paid by businesses and renters.

For a full list of results, click here.