Indiana Law Forces Trump to Announce Pence as VP Pick


Donald Trump had initially suggested he would wait until the Republican National Convention to unveil his choice for vice president, but Indiana law forced his hand.

Candidates aren’t allowed to run for both federal and state law after Friday.

This means in order to run alongside Trump, Gov. Mike Pence had to remove his name from the re-election race for governor.

Trump and Pence are expected to speak at a news conference in New York City on Saturday morning.

Cameras followed Pence and his family Friday afternoon as they arrived at Trump Tower.

Governor’s Deputy Manager Remains Tight-Lipped

The confirmation comes after days of speculation. The governor’s Deputy Manager Marc Lotter has remained tight-lipped every step of the way.

His silence even ran up to the moment Trump confirmed what many sources had already reported.

He referred reporters’ questions about whether Pence was still running for governor to the Trump campaign.

Before Trump’s official announcement, a number of congressional leaders including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said they would support Pence as a candidate for vice president.

Lt. Gov. Holcomb Reacts

Indiana’s Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb is responding to the news of Pence’s new role in the Trump campaign.

“He would be able to connect and share with the American electorate how to get this country back on track, because on a smaller stage here in the state, Indiana has proven the principles on how to get a country or a state back on track and moving forward. So, I hope he’ll be able to share those lessons learned on the big stage,” said Holcomb.

Lt. Gov. Holcomb is expected to throw his hat in the ring to fill Pence’s place on the gubernatorial ballot.

Rep. Susan Brooks and Rep. Todd Rokita have also stepped out their re-election bids to seek the nomination.

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