INDIANA (WEHT) – A new report shows 8,414 pregnancies were terminated in the Hoosier state in 2021. Indiana residents sought out 7,949 of those terminations. And 201 of those Indiana residents were from the southwestern part of the state.

The Indiana Department of Health released the 2021 Terminated Pregnancy Report on Thursday. According to the executive summary, the purpose of the report is to present the demographic and medical trends of those who sought to terminate their pregnancies during the 2021 calendar year.

The report says Marion County had 3,342 people who terminated their pregnancies in 2021, well above the second highest count in the state of Lake County, which had 533. In southwestern Indiana, Vanderburgh County had 129 residents who terminated their pregnancies, which was much higher than the next highest county, which was Warrick County at 23.

County nameNumber of residents who received terminations
Vanderburgh 129
Perry 2

The report also broke down where terminations were performed. The highest number of terminations were performed at Planned Parenthood of Indianapolis in Marion County, making up over 29% of the total terminations in the state. Three of the 8,414 terminated pregnancies were performed in Warrick County at Deaconess Women’s Hospital. However, only two of those three terminations were performed for Indiana residents.

To read the full report, click here.

Indiana lawmakers have pushed back their special session to address abortion laws and direct payments to Hoosier taxpayers. The session is now planned for July 25.