INDIANA (WEHT) – Attorney General Todd Rokita has joined with sixteen states to demand that the Biden administration stop expanding the availability of welfare assistance to non-citizens by redefining the way the federal government applies “the public charge ground of inadmissibility.”

AG Rokita said. “Instead of inspiring them (non-citizens) to embrace the American Dream, he (Pres. Biden) is encouraging dependency on government and saddling working-class taxpayers with the bill.”

The news release from AG Rokita’s office states that under the law, any non-citizen seeking legal admission to the U.S., or updates to their status or visa while residing here, must show that they are not likely to become a “public charge.” The news release says that Biden is proposing that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) eliminates consideration of most welfare benefits that do not constitute direct cash assistance when making this determination.

The news release says that in promoting such a change, DHS would ignore the fact that aliens may still be dependent on costly benefits even if not primarily relying on cash benefits for income subsistence. Non-cash benefits include such programs administered and supported in Indiana as CHIP, SNAP, Medicaid, and most federal housing or rental assistance programs. 

“The purpose of the public charge rule is that we don’t want aliens coming to the United States and becoming a burden on our taxpayers,” Attorney General Rokita said. “This proposed rule is contrary to our national principle of self-sufficiency.”

AG Rokita expressed his concerns in a letter he sent to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services after getting signatures from other Attorneys General.