INDIANAPOLIS (WEHT) – The Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) has lifted the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) control areas in Indiana. This means commercial poultry farms within 10 km of the affected flocks are no longer required to be tested weekly and subject to movement permits for poultry and associated products.

This marks significant progress during this event which is not yet over. Some individual farms remain under quarantine until virus elimination activities are complete.

Poultry owners with large and small flocks are reminded to be vigilant in biosecurity and monitoring flocks for signs of illness. The HPAI situation is not yet over as HPAI has been identified on more than 280 sites in 32 states.

The BOAH team is grateful for the cooperation and active assistance from poultry producers, state and federal partners and the Indiana citizens who have been contacted as part of this incident. The patience, persistence and willingness it took to work with the agency is appreciated.

Testing of nearby flocks is important to verify the virus has not spread in the area. A control area and surveillance zone will be established in Johnson County to meet surveillance criteria. The affected area does not include any large commercial operations.

BOAH staff will be reaching out to residents near the Johnson County site to schedule testing of birds to ensure the virus is not present. Hobby poultry owners in Johnson County should contact BOAH at (317) 544-2387 to schedule testing at no charge.  

BOAH teams continue to test backyard flocks in Elkhart County around the Elkhart3 flock. All tests have been negative to date.

USDA Wildlife Services is assisting with surveillance of wild birds in and near the control areas. Approximately 220 samples from waterfowl, pigeons, European starlings and other species have been testedPositive test results have been identified in a bald eagle, a hawk and a redhead duck collected in Indiana.