WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WEHT) — Purdue University says their continued commitment to affordability and high number of applicants has pushed enrollment numbers up.

Paraphrasing another academic leader, Purdue’s Board of Trustees and President Mitch Daniels declared in 2015, “We shouldn’t seek to be known by how many we turn down but by how many we turn out.” 

The university says what proceeded was a rapid expansion of enrollment and an increase in the number of Indiana residents offered admission to Purdue by about 350 more annually, and the number accepting that offer and enrolling at Purdue reached new highs.

This fall, total enrollment reached a record 50,884 students – just topping last year’s 49,639 students. School officials tell us this marked the university’s eighth straight record high. The incoming freshman class is 9,354, still one of Purdue’s largest but smaller than last year’s record of 10,191.

Purdue says their commitment to affordability has played a central role. But they also mention investments in quality have also been key, as has a rising national profile as a top national university.