INDIANA (NEXSTAR) – When it comes to utility, knives can be used for a variety of things. But is it even legal to carry a knife in Indiana?

Many states in the U.S. have certain restrictions on carrying knives, some of which concern the length of the blade, or where and how they can be carried.

What do Indiana restrictions on carrying knives look like?

There aren’t many restrictions in place when it comes to carrying knives in Indiana. Despite some states requiring concealment when carrying knives, Indiana does not have any laws in place regulating this practice. 

According to Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer David Law, when carrying a knife in public, you are not required to conceal it, nor are you restricted on the length of the blade

However, state law restricts knives from being brought into schools if they are intended to be used as a weapon.

Additionally, certain knives are completely prohibited from being manufactured, possessed, displayed, offered, sold, lent, given away, or purchased. 

This applies to any knife with a detachable blade, more commonly referred to as a ballistic knife. Ballistic knives may be ejected from the handle as a projectile by means of gas, a spring, or any other device contained in the handle of the knife.

Another bladed weapon that this applies to is a “Chinese throwing star,” or as the law defines it, a throwing knife, throwing iron, or other knife-like weapons with blades set at different angles.

Anyone who violates the specific knife restrictions in place can face up to 180 days in jail and up to $1,000 in fines.

Is there an age restriction on carrying knives in Indiana? Not according to any state laws currently in place.

In other words, Hoosiers are generally not restricted from carrying knives, so long as they aren’t being brought into school and aren’t ballistic knives or “Chinese throwing knives.” Not all states share that freedom.

For example, Illinois law restricts certain blades, like switchblades or automatic blades, from being owned, manufactured, or sold, but other knives are legal to conceal carry, so long as the blade does not exceed three inches.