INDIANAPOLIS — True taco lovers may keep their lips sealed about their favorite hole-in-the wall restaurants for the best tacos in Indy, but the secret is out!

You may not think of Indiana as a destination for authentic tacos, but Indianapolis can pat itself on the back for having not one but two entries in Yelp’s 100 Best Taco Shops in the United States.

Anyone who’s stopped by the small lavender building at 2830 E. Washington Street knows what’s up, but now so does everyone else.

Tlaolli (Tlah-Oh-Lee) clocks in at #27 on the list and is known for its creative options for carnivores and vegans alike. They offer the traditional tacos like carnitas and chicken mole, but they also serve hibiscus(!) and jackfruit.

A little further down the list is a restaurant that may surprise you.

Chris’ Ice Cream earned the #68 ranking, according to Yelpers.

What does an ice cream shop know about tacos, you ask? Well, the name is a little misleading.

While the restaurant (1484 86th Street) does offer delicious ice cream, it also serves up tasty traditional Mexican food.

“You can’t find tacos made with this much love anywhere else,” writes one Yelp review.

Yelp’s ranking is considered to be an “all-time” list. Businesses were ranked based on factors like the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning “taco.” 

See the full list here.