CARMEL, Ind. — When probation officers went to check on a man sentenced for possessing child sex abuse material, court documents say they found even more exploitative material, including an image depicting an infant.

In the probable cause affidavit filed in the case against Joshua Mazanowski, a detective with the Fishers Police Department says Mazanowski told officers of his addiction to child sex abuse material, and that his “body wants it.”

Mazanowski was previously arrested in July 2020 after an investigation into a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The center learned from Dropbox that a user uploaded multiple files of child sex abuse material to cloud storage.

In that case, Mazanowski pleaded guilty to possessing the exploitative images. These included videos and photos depicting boys in an exploitative manner, including some with men engaged in sexual acts with the boys.

2020 booking photo of Joshua Mazanowski

While out on probation for that case, court documents show a detective with the Fishers Police Department learned from the Hamilton County Probation Office that Mazanowski violated the terms of that probation by accessing the internet.

During a search, the document said officers found Mazanowski with a computer. The detective says Mazanowski told them that he was using the computer to download child sexual abuse material through the Wickr.

The document said Mazanowski said he started using the app in May 2022. This is about three months after he pleaded guilty to the 2020 case. The last time he downloaded child sex abuse material was two or three days before the search. He said he gets child sex abuse material from other people on the app, and sends child sex abuse material to them in return.

2022 booking photo of Joshua Mazanowski

According to the document, Mazanowski told detectives that he has been addicted to child sex abuse material for the last 15 or 16 years and that his “body wants it.” He told detectives that he gets sexual pleasure from downloading child sexual abuse material.

While searching his laptop, the document said police found multiple images and videos, including a photo depicting an infant of 5-6 months of age in a sexual manner. There were also exploitative photos of a 10-11-year-old boy that the document said appeared to have come from a chat room or live-streaming media.

As a result of this investigation, Mazanowski faces three counts of possession of child pornography with an aggravating factor. A jury trial is set for February 7, 2023.