INDIANA (WEHT) — With summer heating up, families across the country are dusting off their beach towels and making the trip out to local waters. Although visiting the pool is fun, the Indiana Department of Health is reminding swimmers to be hygienic while splashing around.

Health officials have taken to social media in order to remind all swimmers — don’t pee where others swim.

“Pee in the toilet, not in the pool! When pee and chlorine mix in the pool, there is less chlorine available to kill germs,” says the Indiana Department of Health on Facebook.

A study published by the Environmental Science & Technology suggests that uric acid, a chemical found in urine and sweat, goes through a chemical reaction with chlorine to produce two substances — cyanogen chloride and trichloramine.

The National Center for Health Research says that some researchers believe these substances can cause health problems such as asthma and other respiratory health problems.

You can read more on how to be a “healthy swimmer” on the CDC website.