Downtown accident sends several to hospital, some in serious condition


INDIANAPOLIS — A white Ford truck pulling a stolen trailer ran a red light in downtown Indy and crashed into two vehicles on Sunday night.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the accident occurred around 9 p.m. at the intersection of S. Meridian Street and South Street, not far from the Slippery Noodle Inn.

Police say officers spotted the white Ford earlier on Washington Street and Holt and were made aware the trailer it was towing was stolen. When officers attempted to pull over the vehicle, the truck fled onto I-70 and police called off the pursuit.

While traveling on I-70, the truck reportedly drove the wrong way on the interstate and side swiped several cars.

Eventually, the suspect exited I-70 on West Street and sped to South Street where the truck blew through a stoplight and hit a car in the intersection. Police say the stolen trailer went flying off in the crash and hit a second vehicle that was parked in a nearby parking lot.

Police say no police were chasing the suspect at the time of the crash, but the vehicle was still driving as if being pursued.

Both the driver and a passenger of the white Ford truck were apprehended after attempting to flee from police.

Police say several injuries occurred as a result of the crash including some victims being transported to a nearby hospital in serious condition.

Police say a off-duty Southport police officer was with his wife in one of the vehicles that was struck by the white Ford truck. The off-duty officer was said to have minor injuries, but his wife had to be cut out of their vehicle before being transported to a hospital.

Police closed South Street for two hours between Pennsylvania Street and Meridian Street as a result of this injury.

Police believe the white Ford truck had been involved in a similar theft during the Final Four and had escaped pursuit by driving the wrong way on the interstate.

“I think (the suspect) learned, if you go the wrong way, police will stop chasing,” said Major Kerry Buckner, IMPD. “Just unfortunate tonight it hit a couple innocent civilians.”

“A pursuit is a double edged sword. If you don’t chase, this keeps up. If you do, something like this happens. It’s bad. It’s bad either way.”

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