ELKHART CO., Ind. (WEHT) – While the Tri-State has its issues with bird flu, more cases are cropping up across the state. This time, ducks are the ones affected.

A news release says that on April 18, a commercial duck flock in Elkhart County tested presumptive-positive for bird flu. IBOH says that the flock, known as Elkhart3, has an estimated 6,500 ducks, although more information is to come as the situation develops.

The news release says that Elkhart3 is close to another quarantined site, so the new 10-km control area circle extends to include only one more additional flock, so all flock owners have been notified. BOAH says that its staff will be reaching out to residents in the 3-kilometer infected zone around Elkhart3 to schedule testing of birds to ensure the virus is not present.

BOAH says that positive test results have been identified in a bald eagle, a hawk and a redhead duck collected in Indiana, which means that bird flu has spread to wild bird populations.