HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Basketball is not the only popular sport in Indiana. While basketball might be the most popular, football is not far behind it.

Football in Indiana has a long history, dating back to the late 1800s. The first football game played in the state was between Purdue and Butler universities.

In the years since, football has become one of the favorite pastimes for Hoosiers with large crowds at high school, college and professional games.

It’s not just games that are popular in Indiana. One of the most famous and popular football events in the state is the Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade, taking place a day before the big race. This event features floats, marching bands and football players.

Speaking of football players, there are plenty of famous football players that have come from Indiana. Listed are just some of those names including their position and what team(s) they played or playing for.

  • Bob Griese (Evansville) – Quarterback
    • Played for: Miami Dolphins
  • Jeff George (Indianapolis)- Quarterback
    • Played for: Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, Oakland (now Las Vegas) Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins (now Commanders) and Seattle Seahawks
  • George Taliaferro (Gary) – Halfback
    • Played for: New York Yanks, Dallas (now Houston) Texans, Baltimore (now Indianapolis) Colts and Philadelphia Eagles
  • Rod Woodson (Fort Wayne) – Defensive Back
    • Played for: Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland (now Las Vegas) Raiders, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers
  • Zack Martin (Indianapolis) – Offensive Tackle
    • Playing for: Dallas Cowboys
  • Terry McLaurin (Indianapolis) – Wide Receiver
    • Playing for Washington Commanders, played for Ohio State University
  • Jay Cutler (Santa Claus) – Quarterback
    • Played for: Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos
  • Tyler Eifert (Fort Wayne) – Tight End
    • Playing for: Cincinnati Bengals
  • Anthony Barr (South Bend) – Linebacker
    • Played for Minnesota Vikings, playing for Dallas Cowboys
  • Alex Karras (Gary) – Defensive Tackle
    • Played for: Detroit Lions
  • Ryan Kerrigan (Muncie) – Linebacker
    • Played for: Washington Commanders and Philadelphia Eagles
  • Tom Harmon (Gary) – Halfback
    • Played for: Los Angeles Rams, University of Michigan legend