GABCIKOVO, Slovakia – Gov. Eric Holcomb is in Slovakia this week where he’s meeting some of the refugees who have fled Ukraine.

“All the bordering states around Ukraine are quite frankly overwhelmed,” Gov. Holcomb said in a one-on-one interview from Slovakia.

The purpose behind the trip, Holcomb said, is to find out how Indiana can help. On Monday, he and his team delivered art supplies and athletic equipment to a refugee camp housing 300 children.

Holcomb said he believes Indiana can especially help Ukrainian kids, with a focus on education and recreation.

“Mental health, child care, how to find a job,” Holcomb said. “Just exactly what we went through helping Afghan evacuees.”

In a recent op-ed sent to Indiana newspapers, Holcomb wrote he has offered to provide temporary or permanent housing to processed Ukrainian refugees in Indiana.

His response also involves sanctions against Russia. That includes divesting $147 million in state government investments that have ties to Russia.

“We’ve tried to cover all of our bases in terms of government contracts, state contracts … and so we’ll leave no stone unturned,” Holcomb said. “We don’t want to perpetuate Putin’s war machine and/or supply it with resources.”

Holcomb is also calling for the U.S. to consider Russia a state sponsor of terrorism – a status given to four nations currently. He believes Russian president Vladimir Putin’s escalation has reached “a point of no return,” he said.

“That’s up to the Russian people, and the longer he remains in power, the more misery and pain I think the Russian people as well will feel,” Holcomb said.

The delegation, which also includes Adjutant General R. Dale Lyles and Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers, will meet with Slovak leaders this week to discuss future economic development opportunities.

The delegation will also travel to Israel with a focus on economic interests, including the electric vehicle industry. The governor is set to return to Indiana Saturday.

During our interview Monday, the governor would only speak about his trip.