INDIANAPOLIS — The office of Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced Tuesday that the majority of counties in Indiana will receive increased funding for public health initiatives.

According to a news release from Holcomb’s office, 86 of the state’s 92 counties chose to participate in the Health First Indiana initiative, which was made possible by the passage of two bills in the 2023 legislative session.

Through this funding, the release said 96% of Indiana residents will have access to core public health services, including services that address issues like heart disease, obesity, maternal and infant mortality, and tobacco cessation.

Through this new legislation, $75 million will be distributed to counties that opted-in to the program starting in January and another $150 million will be allocated in 2025. Counties that did not opt-in will have another chance to in 2025.

“From the beginning of the public health commission, we were committed not just to identifying problems, but to solving Indiana’s pressing health problems in a way that meets the unique needs of Hoosiers, regardless of where they live,” Holcomb said in the release. ”Communities across the state are recognizing this 1500% increased state investment as a game-changer for Hoosiers not just today, but for generations to come.”

For more information, and to see the funding allocated to each county, visit the Health First Indiana website.