INDIANA (NEXSTAR) – Pets are a great addition to any home, but some Hoosiers might be curious if there are any exotic animals they can own as pets.

While Indiana does not specifically forbid having any animals as pets, the state requires residents to get a permit if they want to own certain wild animals.

There are three classes of permits in Indiana for wild animals, each requiring stricter conditions in order to maintain safety for not just the animals and people, but also the environment.

Here are just five wild animals that can be owned in Indiana:

Southern Flying Squirrel

Southern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys Volans). Photographed by acclaimed wildlife photographer and writer, Dr. William J. Weber. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

This furry mammal only requires a Class I permit and can be found in Indiana’s forests. However, they require a lot of time and energy, as they are known for being social and needing constant attention, according to WebMD.


Coyote in nature during spring (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

This mammal requires a Class II permit and can be found all over Indiana, as the state is a habitat for them. Be warned though – they are not suitable for being household pets, as they require a spacious and secure outdoor enclosure. Otherwise, they can get destructive, as Exotic Pet Wonderland points out.


Close-up of female Eurasian brown bear (Ursos arctos) and her cubs in boreal forest, Finland. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

This wild animal requires a Class III permit and may not be the best bet for a household pet, as they are not domesticated and naturally strong predators. As the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service puts it, a bear’s diet alone is tons of protein in the form of protein, plants, and herbs on a daily basis, meaning you’ll be spending a considerable amount on food alone. They’ll also require a large enclosure, as they’re known for being able to break out of them.


Gray wolf, Canis lupus in winter forest background. Animal in the nature habitat (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Another wild animal requiring a Class III permit that is worth mentioning is the wolf. Only purebreds are allowed to be owned in Indiana, and much like the coyote, the wolf can be a difficult animal to own as a pet. They are not as domesticated as their canine cousins, also known as dogs.


Crocodile in the swamp (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Probably the most fearsome of the wild animals requiring a Class III permit, crocodiles are obviously not the safest wild animal to own as a pet. Besides requiring a massive amount of space and a lot of water, veterinarians recommend a varied diet, meaning a combination of rodents, poultry, fish, and meat, all of which are costly.

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