INDIANA (WANE) — Has Bigfoot found a home in Indiana? Well, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, he’s been an Indiana resident since 1975– but where did he come from?

Bigfoot Origins

According to the Washington National Guard, sightings began during the late 1800s and into the 1900s. Findings usually consisted of finding footprints, sporadic encounters and a few grainy photos and videos.

Those who claim to have seen Bigfoot have described the creature as a large, upright ape to an actual hairy human, sometimes standing over eight feet tall and described as powerfully built. 

The FBI has previously looked into Bigfoot’s existence, creating the now declassified “Bigfoot file.” Unfortunately through their studies, they found no real proof of Bigfoot and only provided evidence that the FBI does not endorse the existence of Bigfoot.

Bigfoot in Indiana

In the state of Indiana, 46 out of the 92 counties have reported Bigfoot sightings. Twenty-one out of the 92 counties reported spotting Bigfoot more than once. In Monroe County, eight encounters have been reported, some stemming from vocalizations heard by others spotting a “gray creature” outside their homes.

Some of the most recent encounters with Bigfoot date back to 2020. The most recent encounter in June of 2020 in Washington County was reported by two hikers where they heard knocking in the woods. They described the noise as if a baseball was hitting a bat.

Another encounter happened in May of 2020 in Brown County, where a father and daughter spotted a creature who appeared to be, “6 feet tall, gray in color and very, very strong looking.” Prints were also said to be found in the area.

So where can you go to see Bigfoot?

The states with the most reports are Washington, California, Florida, Ohio and Illinois. The most recent sighting was in May of 2023 in Washington where hikers reported possible sasquatch vocalas and stalking in the center of Harstine Island.

If you would prefer to stay within state lines, head to the woods and pay attention to the Bigfoot Researchers Organization website for 2023 Bigfoot Expeditions for the sasquatch lovers in your life.