INDIANA (WEHT) — If you’re a Tri-State resident, your opinion on hiring struggles may vary wildly from the next person. A new study from WalletHub has found that Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky are not alike when it boils down to getting a job.

Within the nation, workers are easier to find in some states than others. Kentucky, experts suggest, is really struggling to get workers in the door. On their ranking of states with these issues, Kentucky ranks high at #4. On the other hand, Indiana seems to have much less issues with hiring than the Bluegrass State.

Source: WalletHub

Indiana sits with the bottom ten, found to have less issues than the majority of the United States. The Hoosier State saw only a five percent job openings rate for last month. Further west, Illinois sits snuggly in between these two Tri-State areas, filing into the middle of the pack at #30.

The study looked at job openings rate for last month and the past year, with the higher percentage the better. Alaska, Wyoming and Montana have struggled the most, whereas New York, D.C. and Washington have struggled the least.

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