INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers could get another $225 to help them deal with high gas prices and inflation.

Gov. Eric Holcomb announced a plan Thursday to return $1 billion from the state reserves to Hoosier taxpayers in an effort to help with rising prices.

The payments are possible because of a higher-than-expected revenue performance during the fiscal year, the governor said.

According to Holcomb’s plan, taxpayers would get about $225 apiece. That’s in addition to the $125 payments being processed as part of the Automatic Taxpayer Refund (ATR).

With the payments combined, individual Hoosiers would get about $350 while couples filing jointly would get about $700.

Holcomb has outlined his plan with legislative leaders and said he’s committed to calling a special session to “align the second round of returns with our current ATR.”

If the legislature approves the governor’s plan, the additional money would be distributed just like the Automatic Taxpayer Refund. For those receiving paper checks in August, a single check of $350 would be sent for individuals or $700 for those filing jointly.

Lauren Ganapini, Executive Director of the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement:

It’s encouraging to see Governor Holcomb and Indiana Republicans finally realize that there are ways the state government can combat global inflation. That said, it shouldn’t have taken this long to get the Republicans to actually act and produce what looks like another bare-minimum band-aid for Indiana’s long-term problems.

Indiana Democrats had the foresight and called on the state to pause its gas tax back to help Hoosiers make ends meet. This win-win solution only adds to the Democrats’ plan to address rising costs across the state. But unfortunately, the Indiana GOP proves (again) they have no plans for our future – just election-year performance and partisanship.

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