INDIANAPOLIS – Newly released video gives additional insight into the harrowing moments an IMPD officer was shot during an incident in February.

Officer Thomas Mangan, a first-year officer who was accompanying his field training officer, Daniel Majors, was shot in the neck on Feb. 27, 2022, while . The officers responded to a crash in the 1600 block of Lexington Avenue around 10 p.m.

While heading to the scene of the crash, dispatchers provided additional information that a person was exposing himself. Another caller said the man left in a red Buick that was heading southbound.

Officers, with help from witnesses, found the car, which had been driven by Mylik Hill, in the 1600 block of Woodlawn Avenue. Hill, after being spotted, ran into an alley despite repeated orders from police to stop.

As Hill ran off, he fired toward police, hitting Mangan in the neck. A second shot hit his radio, causing it to catch fire. Body camera footage released by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department showed the incident from Mangan’s perspective.

GRAPHIC VIDEO WARNING: The video below contains images and language some may find disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.

In the video, upon spotting Hill getting out of a red vehicle, officers tell him to stop. He instead runs into an alley as officers give chase. Several gunshots are then heard, along with Mangan struggling after being hit.

“I need help! I need help! Mangan down!” an officer yells. “Officer shot. Officer shot. Give me medics here. I need backup now!”

Officers continued to give chase, and Majors fires his service weapon. Hill is struck multiple times with gunfire but continues running. Officers lose sight of him after he runs through another alley.

Majors returned to help Mangan, who was eventually taken to Eskenazi Hospital by an IFD truck.

IMPD also released body camera video from Majors’ perspective. In it, officers are heard telling Hill to “drop the gun.”

“Officer down. Code One. Shots fired! Code One!” Majors yells amid the confusion. “Where’s he at? Where’s the suspect?”

Multiple privately owned cameras captured footage of Hill firing as he runs from police. The injured suspect eventually walks through an alley and jumps over a homeowner’s fence. That video gives a clear look at Hill’s face.

He’s nearly out of breath and clearly exhausted, barely clearing the fence as he hits a trash can and falls to the ground with his pants down.

With help from nearby residents and a drone, IMPD SWAT found Hill in the 900 block of Dawson Street and took him into custody.

An overhead video shows officers closing in on his position to arrest him. Police found a handgun near Hill’s location.

Medics provided aid to Hill, who had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation. He has been formally charged with attempted murder, unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, resisting law enforcement and criminal mischief.

Mangan, who suffered a potentially life-threatening gunshot wound to the neck, survived the encounter but faces a long road to recovery. IMPD said no one else was hurt during the incident.

IMPD’s Critical Response Team is investigating the incident. IMPD is also conducting an internal affairs investigation to make sure officers complied with departmental policy.

Ultimately, the Use of Force Review Board will also review the shooting.

President of the Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police, Rick Snyder, said the video is a true testament to the heroic actions and training of local law enforcement. He hopes the public uses this opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices made by officers and their families.

“Take a moment and reflect not just upon the sacrifice of these officers, but of their spouses, their loved ones, their moms and dads as well, who literally signed a blank check to this community and gave their loved one over to our city of Indianapolis for that check to be cashed at any moment in time,” Snyder said.