INDIANAPOLIS – A Marion County judge has ruled against Governor Eric Holcomb in his legal battle regarding emergency powers with the Indiana General Assembly.

Under the judge’s ruling, the legislature can call itself into a special session when an emergency is declared by the governor. The law was passed after both chambers voted to override Governor Holcomb’s veto, who says that only the governor has the power to call state officials into a special session.

“I want to learn how this judge arrived at that portion of the decision,” Holcomb told reporters on Friday. “I’m going to be very thoughtful about next steps. This was always a respectful disagreement with the legislature about the constitutional ramifications for not just this administration but for future ones.”

“We are pleased,” said State Sen. Rod Bray, R-Senate President Pro Tem. “Though we have disagreed with the governor regarding this law, we have and will continue to work with him and his office in order to serve the people of Indiana.”

Also this week, Congressman Jim Banks, representing Northeast Indiana, is weighing in on the Biden administration’s approach on getting more Americans vaccinated against COVID-19.

Rep. Banks recently introduced a bill that would block President Biden’s federal vaccine requirement for workers and others.

In the video above, we hear from Rep. Banks and from President Biden, who spoke about the efforts to vaccinate more Americans at an event this past week in Chicago.