FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Indiana is thought by most to be the corn state, when in reality Indiana has a lot more to bring to the table.

Indiana is actually more well-known for its soybean production, which brings in $2.6 billion in exports as of 2021. While corn does come second bringing in $1.3 billion, it is used mostly for feed or grain, not to serve at the dinner table. Generic feeds and other grains bring in $717 million, followed by soybean meal and pork, both bringing in $911 million combined.

The state of Indiana is made up of 56,649 farming operations, with an average farm size of 264 acres, making it the 8 largest farming state in the nation. With the production of wood also factored in, more than 80% of land in Indiana is devoted to farms, forests, and woodland, all used in exports bringing in most of Indiana’s economic gain.

Indiana agriculture brings in nearly $35.1 billion to Indiana’s economy each year, and Indiana is the eighth largest agricultural exporter in the nation. In national rankings, Indiana is No. 1 in the production of commercial ducks, hardwood veneer, and wood officer furniture. This is due to how quickly Indiana forests can replenish. In fact, corn ranks at number 5 in national rankings along with soybeans, watermelon, upholstered household furniture, and hog production.

So while corn may be at the top of the list, and at the top of many Hoosier’s hearts, it’s not Indiana’s most produced crop.