INDIANA (WANE) — Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) is celebrating Winter Weather Preparedness Week and warning Indiana residents ahead of the winter weather to prepare their homes or cars to reduce harm in the winter months.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS), state partners and emergency personnel want to protect Hoosiers from hazardous winter weather across Indiana by honoring Winter Weather Preparedness Week from Nov. 5 through the 11.

IDHS notes that “cold temperatures, snow and freezing rain are common throughout Indiana from November through March each year”, and it is important to take time to prepare, emergency kits and know what resources are important to have.

Some quick tips from the IDHS are;

  • Have a home disaster kit ready in case of power outages for multiple days or if road conditions prevent you from getting everyday supplies.
  • Prepare for travel emergencies by having a vehicle emergency kit ready.
  • Wear warm clothing to limit your exposure to wind and cold temperatures. Use a hat, coat, mittens, pants, socks and closed shoes.
  • Before traveling, check the county travel status map for advisories, watches and warnings. Also stay informed on weather service forecasts and traffic conditions.
  • When driving, slow down and leave plenty of distance between yourself and other vehicles. You need extra time to react and avoid an accident.
  • Avoid using alternative-heating sources such as space heaters and fireplaces, but practice proper safety precautions if you do. Never use home appliances, such as ovens, to stay warm

For a more detailed account and list of resources head to Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s website.