For some people, the sunset is one of the highlights of their day: a moment to wind down and reflect as the sun sets amid a dazzling backdrop of purple, pink and orange hues.

The sun sets 365 times a year, but some sunsets are arguably more memorable than others.

Travel trend guide Travel Pulse has compiled a list called, “The Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Each State.”

The list has named Indiana Dunes National Park in Porter as the state’s premiere sunset viewing spot.

Lake Michigan sunsets are the most gorgeous during autumn, when the sky turns pink and orange and the light reflects off of its waves.

“This national park on the shores of Lake Michigan is one of the Midwest’s finest national wonders and it puts on a real show at dusk,” Travel Pulse writes.

The park, which is located about 150 miles north of Indianapolis, can also offer up views of the Chicago skyline in the distance.

The Indiana Dunes National Park sits long 15 miles of beach along the shore of Lake Michigan. It’s next to the smaller Indiana Dunes Small Park.